Placed “In Christ”?

In the NASB Bible the term “In Christ” appears 90 times and “in Him” 97 times. I will seek to […]

Off to Kasama!

I just wanted to zip off a quick note to you before I head out for Zambia tomorrow and returning […]

Urgent: Prayer needed!

You may have heard that just this past Sunday, Bolivia had presidential elections and the outcome has yet to be […]

Off to Zambia Next!

John received the invitation just yesterday to be part of the DM2 team that goes to Zambia this October. We will be teaching the Bible Study Methods curriculum that has both theoretical and practical training included.

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Visit to Tennessee

Near the end of the month (just after Nelly’s birthday) we headed to Tennessee to visit the Ward family. It’s […]
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He’s Done!

It is hard to believe but Jonathan has finished high school and intends to attend college in the fall of […]
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Tuesday Bible Study

We host a little home Bible study on Tuesday nights. Our last study was on Bible study methods and how […]
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