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Fishing rods and bobber all ready to go

We thought we would start off by sharing about JG’s brief attempt to come and visit us during his summer break from his studies at Liberty University.  

We were not expecting what happened when he tried to cross the border. We knew that things were tight due to the current COVID-19 situation, but we simply presumed there would be no issues for him since he was coming home. Due to his lack of providing adequate living conditions (for several reasons) he was not able to enter.  

To the right is a great ”1000 words” for those of you who know him…obviously he planned on going fishing while he was here as you can see the fishing rods in the front seat of the car with his bobber all ready to go! 

We would ask for your prayers for him during this time. He needs a place to live and a job.  At present, he’s being allowed back on the Liberty campus for a bit until he gets things sorted out.

Webinars, Websites, Zoom and Such 

Living room full of youth listening to JG teach

The ongoing situation had made travel impossible. We’ve had to adapt our ministry to continue training disciple-makers. As a ministry, DM2 does not wish to change its vision long term but the best way to meet people up-close presently is by doing it online. Therefore, a massive effort was made by the team to make our presence virtual in the best way possible in order to effectively do the ministry. 

We do not consider training disciple makers to be about numbers however here are some that might catch your interest. 

Over six weeks of non-stop work has laid a groundwork for training people while in their homes. Three webinars have been organized with over 90 different teachers involved. Most of these teachers were either in training or have been trained by DM2. 

The first webinar, “Gospel of John” had over 600 signups. 

The second webinar was for youth on the first 8 chapters of Romans and we saw about 280 sign up for that. One of those signups was actually a family from Wuhan, China who tuned in despite the 12 hour time difference.  

Finally, in Spanish, we held a Romans workshop with over 260 folks from all over the world.  We will add some testimonies at the end of this update.  

The Birth of DM2 Online Courseware

Lesson View

 We believe God is seeing us through several steps in the setting up of a new website for DM2 (dmmultiplied.org). It will be dedicated specifically to support our training endevours. This promises to be a great tool to help future disciple makers. 

By providing supportive online training, an individual who wants to re-do a part of the curriculum or if he/she needs to complete a certain book within the training, they will soon be able to go online and do so. In other words, they would no longer not need to wait for a workshop to take place in their area in order to get the necessary training. 

With the past three webinars, we have recorded all the different sessions. While I am writing this, the course of “Gospel of John” is being uploaded and set up. This will be made available first, but others are soon to follow as the Lord permits. 

We hope to have Gospel of John ready very soon and Romans 1-8 (youth) would be soon to follow.  Things will not slow down though since folks are already requesting the Romans 1-8 in Spanish.  

We would appreciate your prayers for this project. May God give wisdom and endurance to those involved in the grunt-work of putting it together and making it available, and also raising up several people to help lighten the load. There’s a fair bit of work involved in putting in the lesson text, inserting videos and writing and inserting the quizes as well as the final exam and certificate.  

We’re really hoping the DM2 courseware will be made available soon!

You can check out our progress if you want by  going to: dmmultiplied.org (a quick registration is needed). 

What was said about the webinars…

D. F. – Me pareció que estuvo muy muy bueno y de gran bendición para mí vida. En la fecha 15-21 de enero del año 2018 lleve el estudio de Romanos. Gracias al estudio de Romanos mi vida cambió, Dios trajo paz a mi vida, ya que yo creía que la salvación era por obrar y que se perdía cada vez que pecaba. Luché mucho con todo esto sentía que Dios era malo, que nunca podía ser salva y me sentía fracasa y frustrada por los pecados. Pero, con el estudio de Romanos todo cambió ahora mi vida es distinta. Ahora recordé y aprendí el gran amor Dios y lo sentí en cada hermano que compartía la palabra de Dios. También aprendí que dar un falso evangelio destroza las vidas y se carga maldición. ¡Por lo cual aprendí que debo estudiar más la palabra de Dios para no ser engañada y para poder compartir más con mi familia y otras personas!

“I thought it [Romans webinar] was very good and a great blessing for my life. I did the Romans study on the 15-21 of January 2018.  Thanks to the study of Romans my life changed. God brought peace into my life since I believed that salvation was through working and that I lost it every time I sinned. I struggled very much with my feelings and felt that God was evil and that I would not be saved and I felt a failure and frustrated by my sins. However, with the study of Romans, everything changed and my life is different. Now I was reminded y learned about God’s great love and I felt it in each brother that shared the Word of God.  I also learned how giving a false gospel destroys lives and loads on condemnation. This is why I learned that one should study the Word of God more to not be deceived y to share more with my family and other people! “


C. C. – Hermanos, No puedo describir el gozo que me produce haber conocido estas enseñanzas de la palabra, ahora es cuanto mas. Entiendo lo que Cristo quiso decir que, LA VERDAD NOS HARA LIBRES. Ahora puedo ver desde otra perspectiva la vida en Cristo, que mi justificación fue por fe, mi santificación no es por mis esfuerzos fallidos sino también por fe y que por fe seremos glorificados, por mucho tiempo luché con muchas cosas, pero ahora, conociendo su verdad, es que puedo ahora entender como vivir la nueva vida en Cristo.  Este estudio personalmente me ha desafiado a buscar aprender mas de las Escrituras y también a prepararme para compartir con mi familia, hermanos en la fe y los que me rodean todo lo que aprendí. Me encantaría poder tomar nuevamente este y otros cursos que puedan ofrecer para que podamos ser edificados en la verdad de la Palabra de Dios. Realmente deseo conocerlos algún día. Bendiciones Hermanos, un abrazo y saludos en el amor de Cristo, ¡Dios les bendiga y que el siga fortaleciendo, guiando y sustentando este ministerio!

Brothers, I cannot describe the joy that these teachings from the word have produced in me. I now understand what Christ meant when he said, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. I can now see the life in Christ from another perspective. My justification was by faith, my sanctification is not by my failed efforts but also by faith and that by faith we will also be glorified. I have struggled with many things for a long time but now, knowing his truth, I can now understand how to live a new life in Christ. This study has challenged me to seek to learn the Scriptures and prepare myself to share this with my family, those of the faith, and all of those who surround me with the things I have learned. I would love to take this and many other courses again that you offer so that I can be edified in the Word of God. I really would love to meet you all one day. 

Blessings brothers, a big hug and greetings to all in the love of Christ. May God bless you and keep strengthening you, guiding you and sustaining you in this ministry!


In the meantime, we continue holding several weekly studies (using Zoom) during the week with the focus of training faithful people to be disciple makers who teach others with intent. (2 Tim 2:2)

We appreciate so much the support team God allows us to share ministry with. Actually, together we’re really just keeping with what Jesus commanded us, “Go and make disciples…teaching them all that I have commanded” – Matthew 28:19-20. 

Thank you for your support expressed in prayer and letters of support and even financially. May God bless you all 100 fold. 

In Him,
John, Nelly, Rachel and Joshua Wry

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