Urgent: Prayer needed!

You may have heard that just this past Sunday, Bolivia had presidential elections and the outcome has yet to be determined for a variety of reasons. The country is going through a lot of tension and possibly may be looking at something as bad as a civil war.

Footage of the current situation in Bolivia

I just received a voice message from a ministry colleague who was just in contact with a fellow believer asking for prayer for the church in the Chapare area of Bolivia. If you are not familiar with the name, this is the area where the coca plant is cultivated in mass and where the current president, Evo Morales is from. He has a strong following in the area.

Evidently we’re told not everyone voted for Morales to be re-elected in the Chapare area. As a result, the local organizations have gotten together to determine who it was that did not support the current party. It was determined that those who did not support were the churchgoers. This means they will all be under observation and depending on the circumstances may even pay dearly some way or another. Please join us in praying for these believers and for the country at this critical time. Thank you!

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