Galatians Workshop – Sacaba

We started the conference on Tuesday evening. Each evening we taught from 6-10PM. Attendance was about 70 people. The book we taught was Galatians due to the fact that up until now we have been focusing on trying to gather more new people. We hope that we now have our ‘core’ group and can begin the process of training those reliable ones to become teachers themselves. When we see a teacher teaching better than ourselves or when we see someone who was taught by us teaching others it thrills our soul. This is success in our way of thinking! 

This time we went to a new location and met new people. Many had never heard a clear gospel before. It was shocking to them! I’ve put a testimonial video together for you to watch here.  One of the people I got to meet was Efrain Crespo who is a 6 year national rally car champion. He was racing cars back in my vagabond days so it was really fantastic to meet him and see ourselves studying the Word this way. He brought his family along as well. 

It was thrilling to meet up with pastor Daniel again. You may remember me sharing about him about 6 months ago (last time we went to Bolivia). He was the pastor that had a change of mind on the last 15 minutes of the conference. Literally just before the final goodbyes. It has been absolutely fantastic to see how he has taken what he has learned and is now teaching it in his church. He has been faced with many who do not agree but continues to teach the truth anyway. Pray for pastor Daniel that he would be bold and stand firm in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

On our return, we hope to teach Romans 1-8 once again with this established group. Pastor Daniel will be one of the teachers on that team. Isn’t that exciting?! 

Efrain Crespo and his family
Pastor Daniel has a few words before closing the workshop in prayer
King of Kings – First Baptist Church of Sacaba

Please continue to pray for Sacaba, Bolivia. Daniel Paredes is the field director and working hard to continue the relationship that was begun at this event. Pray also for the church pastor. His name is Filiberto (Fili for short). He has also decided that wherever he is he plans to implement this teaching and so he needs prayer because he can expect persecution from different unexpected sources.

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