Newnan, GA 2019 Youth Conference

Teachers and Attendees (all ages) at the 1 Corinthians Youth Conference

Rachel’s report:
 I can’t express how much I love these conferences, they are filled with laughter, encouragement, fellowship and inspiration. This dm2 conference was one of my favorites for me it was such an enjoyable experience with my two cousins ( Hope and Eliana wry). I learned an enormous amount things I had never thought about such as what a woman is supposed to do in the church and in marriage. I can’t wait till next year

Hope: I enjoyed the DM2 1 Corinthians conference so much, they teach it in depth and break everything down to give you a better understanding. DM2 made it very easy to learn and get ahold of the information, after just the first day I wanted to keep going back, it’s been a great experience.

Eliana: It was super enlightening I learned a lot of things I hadn’t thought about before and Ive been encouraged to teach in the Woman of the word

The ‘old guys’ got a chance to teach as well!
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