Hymn: At the feet of my redeemer

At the feet of my Redeemer,
I am learning every hour,
Through the teaching of the spirit,
How to trust His keeping power.

To the cross, mine eyes uplifting,
Yonder land by faith I see,
Where I’ll tell, the wondrous story,
Of the Saviour’s love to me.

From the feet of my Redeemer,
While I’m trusting day by day,
All the charms of earthly pleasure,
Cannot lure my soul away.

At the feet of my Redeemer,
Would I breathe my latest breath,
Then by angel guards attended,
With my flight to worlds on high.

Frances Jane van Alstyne

Fanny Crosby

Pseudonymns: A.V., Mrs. A. E. Andrews, Mrs. E. A. Andrews, Mrs. E. L. Andrews, James L. Black, Henrietta E. Blair, Charles Bruce, Robert Bruce, Leah Carlton, Eleanor Craddock, Lyman G. Cuyler, D.H.W., Ella Dare, Ellen Dare, Mrs. Ellen Douglass, Lizzie Edwards. Miss Grace Elliot, Grace J. Frances, Victoria Frances, Jennie Garnett, Frank Gould, H. D. K., Frances Hope, Annie L. James, Martha J. Lankton [Langton], Grace Lindsey, Maud Marion, Sallie Martin, Wilson Meade, Alice Monteith, Martha C. Oliver, Mrs. N. D. Plume, Kate Smiley, Sallie Smith, J. L. Sterling, John Sterling, Julia Sterling, Anna C. Storey, Ida Scott Taylor, Mary R. Tilden, Mrs. J. B. Thresher, Hope Tryaway, Grace Tureman, Carrie M. Wilson, W.H.D.

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