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Why study the Bible; it’s just an old irrelevant book, right?

No, the Bible is pertinent for today. It is the written Word of God! Having impacted every major continent on earth, the Bible is arguably the book of books. If God wanted us to know the truth from His point of view, He did the right thing when He authored the Bible. Long before anyone thought writing books was important, God inspired His writers to immortalize His words on rolls of parchment.

Without the Bible, our knowledge and understanding of God would be totally up for grabs. This book has forced into cement God’s view of history and truth. Through its pages, we are invited to walk down God’s sidewalk and see the world, cracks and all, from His perspective.

In order to know and clearly understand the Gospel, future prophecy and past history, we need to be faithful students of God’s Word. When it comes to the Bible, good study methods are a must. We invite you to put to use this curriculum, meekly written for your benefit. These are the principles we use in creation of all DM2 curriculum.

DM2 Curriculum – Bible Study Methods
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