Choose Passion

There are a lot of reasons a person can show passion. We’re passionate about the things that deeply move us and that we identify with. They give us a sense of purpose. Similarly, when a believer grows in the understanding of the grace of God through Jesus Christ, the understanding of these truths produces an intense passion. He or she begins getting excited about truths regarding God’s character, the person and work of Christ and the riches afforded to the believer in Christ, the promised things that lie ahead and much more. This passion is a result of the character of Christ in His life and his behavior is becoming Christlike, perhaps without ever him or her even realizing it.

When someone has a passion for anything, he or she goes to lengths to share whatever it is impassions them. This ignites reactions from others and sometimes can be quite caustic. This is most notably true of believers who are excited about their experience with the Lord and many times causes those who are not as excited and especially those of the world, to react in a negative way. It is not to surprise us then, when the Scriptures say, “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted”. 2 Timothy 3:12 Are you passionate about your faith? Are you passionate about your walk with the Lord? Are you excited about what is going on in your life and looking forward to learning more from His Word? Are you passionate about the Word of God? Only you can honestly answer these questions, but before you stop reading and start beating your chest to say you need to do more of these things, please stay with me for another brief moment. Godly passion is not yours to produce. Oh, sure people produce religious fervor and it might have the appearance of spirituality but it is devoid of power over sin, the kind of sin in the heart (Col 2). You see God has to change the heart, and he begins working and washing through His Word. You see it is necessary to be a doer of the Word. A doer of the Word is not one who focuses on his passion, far from it, he focuses on the Word and meditates on it day and night. This is what it means to be a doer of the Word. He keeps it in his heart. His mind is stayed on it to understand and grow in grace. When the Word is clearly understood through the Spirit’s explaining, the result becomes a heart of passion. So, if your life lacks godly passion, don’t focus on anything else but the Word in your life. Get to delight in the Lord through His Word. Let God deal with your lack of passion. Psa 37:4. You can only focus on one thing at a time, so if your focus is on your lack of passion, you cannot be focusing on your fellowship with Christ and without Him dwelling or filling your life, you will be passionless. Grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Pet 3:18). So, in this context we could say, choosing to walk with Christ is to choose passion.

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