Ephesians Workshop – Los Negros

Ephesians in Los Negros! Wow! What a week. It was truly a lot of learning and understanding openning up during this week. I knew that I had underestimated Ephesians when I began studying it to teach but truly while we were teaching it I realized there is so much depth and so many important doctrines taught in Ephesians that too much emphasis cannot be put on this small book. In it we are taught the believer’s identity in Christ, God’s plan for the ages in Christ, God’s plan for the Church, the great calling, inheritance and power of the Church, the unity of the church, and much more. It’s no wonder Ephesians is not taught at the beginning of the DM2 training. Rather it appropriately fits in the latter part which is where the Los Negros group finds itself; year 8.
Larry, John and Bret
Erick and Carlos from Los Negros
John sitting next to Roberto