Month: May 2019

3 G’s

For lack of a better term we will classify out team into 3 G’s. It is exciting to see we are all part of an outreach team! 1st G: Go – people who go. Please pray for people who can go with us. The great thing of the DM2 strategy is that the teaching trips …

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Please pray as we try to get a good renter for our home in Canada. We have been told that renting a house can be risky business depending on the tenants. We want to keep the basement as well so that we have a place to come back to every four weeks to visit John’s …

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Joshua’s first real boo-boo

Joshua learns what it means to lose the use of one arm. After a visit to ER the doctor said it wasn’t broken and that in three days he will be able to move his arm again. The 4th day we were able to change his shirt.